You don't beat sekere with stick, you don't ask the king to help you arrest his warrior (Yoruba: Sekere o se fopalu, jagunjagun o se foba mu). Shekere is a musical instrument made of beaded calabash, a stick will break it.
Rather than letting a righteous man's child fall into a pit, lightening will brighten up the road (Yoruba: Kaka komo oloore o jin si koto, monamona a tanna imole)
God protects the rear end of a tailless cow from flies (Yoruba: Maalu ti ko ni iru, Olorun nii le esin fun)
If the owner don't get the thief arrested swiftly, with passage of time the thief will charge the owner for trespassing(Yoruba: Ai tete mole, ole n mu oloko)
Until the snake is dead, do not drop the stick. Ivorian proverb
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