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Ekiti House impeachment crisis deepens
Source: Nigerian Tribune ekiti.com News Section:  Ekiti Date: 2010/02/09


Written by Stephen Gbadamosi

The crisis rocking the Ekiti State House of Assembly, appeared to have deepened on Monday, as the leader of the pro-impeachment lawmakers, Honourable Bisi Kolawole, insisted that the House leadership must change.

Kolawole, who represents Efon Constituency in the House, spoke with journalists on telephone from his Efon Alaaye home on Monday.

The deputy speaker of the House, Honourable Saliu Adeoti, however, described the report of the impeachment move against the speaker, Honourable Tunji Odeyemi, as untrue, maintaining that the speaker had not breached any law to warrant his impeachment.

Some aggrieved members of the legislature were said to have been making moves to impeach Odeyemi, allegedly for offences including failure to hold a plenary session since the beginning of the year.

It was also learnt that three contenders for the office of the speaker had been thrown up. These include the immediate past speaker, Honourable Femi Bamisile; member representing Ise/Orun Constituency, Honourable Adeolu Aluko; and the chairman, House Committee on Information and Sports, Honourable Adebayo Morakinyo.

Honourable Kolawole, who linked the crisis in the House to the 79 days the speaker spent in acting capacity during the governorship rerun election in the state, said, “the situation is still on, you wake up on daily basis and get very annoyed about where and what is happening in Ekiti State today. I don’t have any regret partaking in the move to change the leadership in the House.”

He, however, added that things would have changed in the House before now, but for the state governor, Mr. Segun Oni, who always wanted peace.

“The only problem is that the governor always wants peace in the state; he doesn’t want negative publicity. But the question is: When will Ekiti State not continue to have negative publicity? The money and resources are no longer there, while the reserve has been looted or mismanaged, at least, to use a mild word.

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Comments on this news item
FADUMIYE ADEYINKA MACINTOSH  at   2010-02-09 08:38:08    Wrote:

I have been magnanimous with members of Ekiti state house of assembly since inception of their legislative duty and that has given them the effrontery to over ride my prolong silence about the affairs of the August assembly.I must confuse that the selection of all members of the state paliament was an ill-sorted in all reality of life.The credibility of people in the hallow chamber of the assembly has been called to question due to the ignoramus individuals that were saddle with the responsibility of legislative business of Ekiti state.I was surprised when Chief Olomu mentioned some disgusting things about the pedigree & antecedent of Mr Bisi Kolawole representing Efon and he attributed his charater to family background due to the fact that his father was also a controversial mischief maker when he was alive.Also it meant interest you to know that Mr Layi Oke representing Ijero II in the house was formerly an ardent criminal & a 419ner in diaspora before he made his way into the Assembly and I can asure him that facts & figures to nail him are available at my disposal.Finally,I wish to advise them to stop washing their dirty lineage in public because sooner or later history and posterity will never forget and forgive them of their uncivillize disgruntle display of lawlessness & uncultured attitude.SIR Fadumiye Adeyinka a veteran human right activist & Ekiti State governor in-waiting
Chief Funso Olomu  at   2010-02-09 01:53:14    Wrote:

The Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Segun Oni always wanted peace in Ekiti State. Good news, but Honorable Kolawole who represents Efon Alaaye Constituency in the House wants negative publicity. Sad news. I have written about this Speaker’s impeachment spearheaded by this negative Hon. Kolawole from Efon Alaaye. Hon Kolawole is not from a good home in Efon. I can still remember his background and the story of his late father. Hon. Kolawole has no good background as such he cannot initiate anything good. From the word go, he was not suppose to represent Efon Alaaye in the House of Assembly, but he wangled his way through only to go there and cause problems. I think Governor Segun Oni should continue to pursue peace by checking Hon. Kolawole so as not disrupt the peace the Governor is trying to keep. If Hon. Kolawole will not allow peace to reign in Ekiti, he shall know no peace.
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