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Ekiti is a state in which country?

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Comments on this news item
ojo oluwadare  at   2013-10-04 04:31:42    Wrote:

Highly encouraging!keep the fire burning cos this is what we are known for.i thank God 4 ur life sir
Olawale D Jegede  at   2012-04-03 19:31:06    Wrote:

Inspiring .... Glad to belong
Adedoyin samuel  at   2011-05-18 06:12:16    Wrote:

prof omole,no one gets 2 power without God's knowledge.keep on trustg him.
Ajayi Olalekan  at   2011-05-18 04:31:53    Wrote:

CONGRATS! my former dean, E ku orire o. E lo pe, Olorun ma wa pelu yin o. Amin.
YNS4REAL  at   2011-05-16 18:38:37    Wrote:

Congrats! Professor. E ku orire o emi yin a gun. Prof shouldn't be irritated with my little words of advice. Sir, do everything in accord. Remember that history always tell our do's as in awon kan lo n se lana... Good luck sir.
Adedoja  at   2011-05-15 09:27:10    Wrote:

Good news for the ekitis, this is enviable, but let its light shine on Ekiti land. God is good.
tomiwa  at   2011-05-15 09:31:40    Wrote:

glory be to God professor Bamitale omole is no the vc of the great citadel of learning, Igba yin asan wa o , ko ni da bi ta won kan, more Greece to your elbow my new Vice Chancellor
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