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APCON chief: It’s simply unconventional, shocking, controversial
Source: The Nation ekiti.com News Section:  Ekiti Date: Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Posted by: Our Reporter in News

CHAIRMAN of the Advertisers Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON), Mr. Lolu Akinwunmi said the advertisement was not only unconventional but embarrassing and shocking.

He wondered why anybody could quote a portion of the Bible to support a publication believed to have been done in bad faith.

Akinwunmi’s reaction was posted on his facebook account.

The APCON chief noted that the author of the advert chose a day that the Federal Government, controlled by his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) slashed the pump price of the Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), known in the popular parlance as petrol, from N97 to N87.

Akinwunmi said the advertisement knocked off whatever measure of sympathy the fuel price reduction could have earned the federal government.

He advised the PDP to, as a matter of urgency, dissociate itself from the controversial advertisement, which he noted, could rub off negatively on the ruling party.

The response reads: “You know, sometimes it looks as if life plays a cruel game. The Punch of today has an ad reportedly sponsored by Ayo Fayose. Now going by FB responses alone, the ad has attracted many negative responses.

“Now note that above the ad is the Punch’s lead story announcing the government’s decision to reduce the pump price of petrol to N87 per litre, from N97.

“Normally the petrol story should make everyone happy and earn the government some kudos. However, Fayose’s handiwork beneath it kills the joy and makes a mess of the petrol price reduction story.

“From a professional standpoint, it’s not an issue of whether the ad is good or bad. It is simply unconventional, shocking, controversial, and perhaps even embarrassing, and has certainly annoyed a few people. And by the way, the reference to portions of the Bible introduces a curious twist!

“Some people have wondered if this ad would not have a negative rebound on PDP. I don’t think so. By now, many people can separate Fayose’s antics from the party! Professionally though, I advise the party to come up with a statement clearly saying Fayose’s ad does not represent the party’s opinion. This should be done as quickly as possible.

“Now I am sure that wherever he is, the President must be wondering about his Ekiti enfant terrible! “These are really exciting times!”

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