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Fayose meets FETHI workers on kidnappings, assures on security
Source: Nigerian Tribune ekiti.com News Section:  Ekiti Date: Monday, May 11, 2015


Writer: Sam Nwaoko - Ado-Ekiti

EKITI State governor, Governor Ayodele Fayose, on Monday, visited the Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido-Ekiti following the anger and protest of the workers over the kidnap of one of them, Mrs. Margaret Aladenika, by yet to be identified people, last week.

Governor Fayose, who addressed the workers in front of the administrative block of the hospital, assured them that his government, in collaboration with the security agencies, were working hard to ensure that the held nurse and other kidnap victims were brought back to rejoin their families.

Assuring the staff, Fayose said: “Mrs Aladenika would soon be with us. I appreciate you for being your brothers’ keeper. It could be anybody. It could be your brother. Let me tell you that I share this sorrow with you. This is one of the burdens I carry with you. I am sure that she will come back to join us.

“It is not about APC or PDP, whether you are a politician or not, everybody must join hands with government to unravel the security issue, and bring it to an end. We are calling on all Ekiti indigenes, irrespective of political affiliation and all security agencies to support the government to bring this unholy development to an end in a bid to get the kidnapped released and put paid to such occurrences.

“If they were robbers, we can go after them, but kidnappers, you have to strategise first because the kidnapped is still with them. I can’t expose our strategy. The kidnappers have agents among the security apparatus and the public. What Aladenika and others need now is your prayers.”

“ When we had a jailbreak, they regrouped and started terrorizing Ekiti but we subdued and got them. We have rearrested over 199 and others have fled the state.

“The lady is still there, rather than make the measures we have taken public, we have to e careful so as not to further endanger her life. We cannot say we have done this or we have taken so and so steps because that will endanger her life. If I want to do it like a lay man, I will say we have done this and we have taken that step or we have surrounded so and so place. Security have advised us not to make noise about it because they have agents among the community and in the society. They live among us and we have landlords that are working with them. What we should do is pray for the victim. Every situation that is confronting our state now will be turned around.”

Explaining the employment issue which the Ido Vanguard Youths had protested over, the week before, Fayose said: “The Chief Medical Director (CMD) is doing his best for you all. There were about 50 slots available and they were to be given across the states. The CMD, showed me everything and we discussed it. There is no perfect leader.”

The CMD, who expressed appreciation to the governor for visiting the hospital to address the people, also assured his staff and the people of the communtiy, that the kidnapped would soon be rescued and rejoin her family. He also said that efforts were being made to ensure their security.

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