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The Fayose/Fayemi letters  (30/06/2014) Ekiti phobia: Contenders dispatch prayer warriors to SArabia  (30/06/2014)
Ekiti poll: Why APC should allow peace to reign  (30/06/2014) Why APC conceded victory to PDP in Ekiti, by Oyegun  (30/06/2014)
Allow Ekiti to enjoy peace, presidency tells APC  (29/06/2014) God used Bamidele to make me governor Fayose  (29/06/2014)
Ekiti defeat: APC governors woo workers, students  (29/06/2014) The Ekiti example  (29/06/2014)
Ekiti election: The beginning and the end  (29/06/2014) PDP alleges APCs plan to frustrate Fayose with EFCC  (29/06/2014)

The Fayose/Fayemi letters   Back To Top

From: Daily Sun      Published on: Monday, June 30, 2014

By Our Reporter, Columns, The Flipside - Eric Osagie

Its been a deluge of letters from readers of this column, reacting to my last weeks piece: HURRICANE FAYOSE AND THE EKITI POLL.

While many praised what they called my objectivity, a few took a horsewhip through my back over what they thought was my soft-gloves attitude to the defeated APC. Yet, a few others felt I was biased on the side of the PDP. Truly, in public discourses, you cant win all: Whatever opinions expressed, there are people, who wont just see your point of view. But then, free speech ensures that everyone is entitled to his point of view. Isnt that the beauty of democracy? Below, are some of the letters

Fayose won because he is Fayose

I agree totally with you that Fayose won because he is Fayose. APC was combat-ready. It put in its best, knowing fully well that losing the election might make or mar its chances in 2015. This may be repeated in 2015.

...Engr. Goddy O keke, 0802-785-8268

A foretaste of 2015

Eric, Ekiti election is a foretaste of what will happen to the APC in 2015. The PDP is by far better than the APC. Please, write something about your state and the politics of noisemaking going on there. Thank you.

Mrs. Umahi, 0816-955-0226

Nothing but the truth

Thank you so much, Eric. Your piece on Ekiti poll is indeed, the truth and nothing but the truth. APC in many states remain the property of few individuals, who see themselves as conquering emperors; they lack respect for the dignity of their members and electorate, which breeds fear in the minds of the ordinary people and consequently engender apathy towards the party.

Joseph Eriki, 0803-315-8984

You were biased on the side of APC

Good composition as usual in Hurricane Fayose and the Ekiti poll. However, you were biased on the side of APC. What you dont know is that many APC leaders are worse than their PDP counterparts. Hypocrites! They have started to pay the price. You will not believe if I say I have no party affiliation. My aversion is hypocrisy.


Kudos to Gov Fayemi

Gov. Fayemi has shown the apostles of do-or-die politics in Nigeria, many of whom are dissipating energy, trying to argue that 16 is greater than 19, that democracy is all about respect for the rule of law and will of the people. If Ekiti State governorship election did not end the way it did, we would not have known that our country still has men, who could play politics like Fayemi.

Ifeanyi O. Ifeanyichukwu, Abuja, 0909-2011-427

Give Jonathan and INEC their dues!

What happened in Ekiti was that the people spoke and a winner emerged, period! Let us for once give INEC and the FG kudos for a flawless election and forget about the quixotic bragging of the APC. If all PDP governors had gone to Ekiti, would there have been peace?

Patrick Idung, Calabar, 0807-442-7418

Fayose won because hes a grassroots man

Dear Eric, your piece is timely and correct. Fayose deserves his landslide victory over Fayemi; the former is a politician par excellence, the latter, a politician whose political partys national officers greatly contributed to his defeat.

Adeoluwa Balogun, Iwo, Osun State, 0816-507-9101

Fayemi ran elitist government

Fayemis loss didnt surprise me because his government is elitist in a poverty-stricken area like Ekiti. He is too stingy. He hardly smiles to the poor masses! ...0807-777-1616


Your statement that APC should stop imbibing the negative features of PDP, is judgmental. We do not expect you to advance the cause of any political party.

...PCN Ooro Esq., Port Harcourt, 0813-3011-7590

Good piece

You made an excellent guess as to why Fayemi lost. May I add that he lost support of the emperor because he did not surrender the state treasury to him as others are doing. It is an open secret. ...0805- 456-5190

Tinubu not as powerful in South-west

Why do you continue to arrogate such enormous powers to Bola Tinubu? I dont think he has such power. In Lagos State, maybe; but in other South-west states, hes certainly being dressed in borrowed robes and some of you are the worst offenders!


Courageous write-up

Eric, I love your piece Hurricane Fayose and the Ekiti poll. Your analysis gave me psychological relief and education on what happened in Ekiti. I now have better understanding. I also admire your courage in THE FLIPSIDE column. Thank you, sir.


Simply brilliant

Hello Eric, your brilliant write-up, Hurricane Fayose and the Ekiti poll is commendable. The spirit of sportsmanship demonstrated by the other gubernatorial candidates is also worth commending. Fayemis conduct should be emulated by other Nigerian politicians.

Orgem Emmanuel, Makurdi, Benue State, 0815-801-0313

Fayoses victory divine

Eric, my dear, it is only God that assigns positions to men. Good enough, Fayoses wife foresaw it. Secondly, God vindicated him. We have a similar case in Anambra and, one day, God will also vindicate the falsely accused. People are paid to blackmail people for political gain. So, it is God that caused people to vote in that direction in Ekiti.

...Rose Obioma Aniagoh, former commissioner, ANSIEC, Awka, 0803-711-5057

A masterpiece, always

I love your mastery and use of English. Its always a masterpiece anytime I stumble on a copy of the Daily Sun. Do what you can to pass on this quality of good writing, as we are witnessing a dearth of it in our country. Cheers!

Nne, 0808-172-4056

Fayemis loss shocking

It is unbelievable that Fayose would floor Fayemi at the poll, upon all we read that Fayemi did in Ekiti. 0706-088-3078

Triumph of peoples will

The election in Ekiti was a clear demonstration of the will of the people. For the first time, we saw a defeated incumbent governor, congratulating the winner of the election, in the person of Ayo Fayose. Thats democracy at play. While I wish him luck in his new job, I pray other politicians will learn from Ekiti. Well, done!

Chigozie Effe, 0806-068-2052

Fayose was PDPs master stroke!

That PDP picked Fayose, as their candidate, was a strategic political decision. The result would have been different with another candidate, who didnt have Fayoses political clout. More of Ekiti scenario coming in South-west. Watch out!

Lai Ashadele, 0706-767-7806

Bisalla: Exit of a journalism star

We were supposed to meet weekend in Abuja. He had asked a colleague in The Sun to inform him whenever I was around because he had some personal and professional issues he wanted my advice on. He never kept the appointment. He died on Wednesday, before the weekend appointment. He was blasted to death in the EMAB plaza bombing, which left 20 other hapless Nigerians dead.

Mallam Suleiman Bisalla, easy-going, humble and forthright, was the Managing Editor (North) of The New Telegraph newspapers. He had gone to the popular mall to fix his telephone and was about crossing to the other side of the road where he parked his car. Then, the bomb exploded. The men from hell or wherever had struck. And Bisallas dreams and hopes brutally cut short. Same for the other unfortunate victims of the Boko Harams war of attrition against their compatriots and nation.

No one can comprehend the insanity, going on in our country. No one can tell when this absurdity will end. No one knows where and when next these evil guys will strike. In all these, we all are collective victims of the Boko Haram senseless rage. If you havent lost someone, you certainly know someone who knows someone who has lost someone. Even if you dont, it is bad enough that a Nigerian, a fellow human being will just be bombed out of existence, for no reason whatsoever or no fault of theirs. For how long will this continue?

I knew Bisalla. I knew him, as a hardworking and purposeful professional. He was dedicated to his craft. He was a good family man, a good brother, husband and father. He was dedicated to his family. Now, neither his family nor journalism will continue to savour the love and dedication he showered on both. Sadly.

At New Telegraph, his last place of work, and Daily Trust, from where he moved to Telegraph, everyone has been testifying to his brilliance and humility. He was, indeed, one of the best political reporters in the country. They have all been saddened and devastated by the needless waste of a kind soul by angels of darkness. The tears havent also stopped flowing for the other victims of the EMAB tragedy, as well as hundreds of other victims of Boko Haram insurgency.

May the souls of the dead find rest in the bosom of the Almighty God. May God touch the hearts of merchants of death, so that they may forsake their bloody path. May peace return to our country. So many have died, that we are now beginning to lose count. Oh Lord, have mercy on our land!

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Ekiti phobia: Contenders dispatch prayer warriors to SArabia   Back To Top

From: Daily Sun      Published on: Monday, June 30, 2014


As the governorship election in Osun State draws closer, contenders in the race, are not taking things for granted, as they are falling on one another to despatch prayer warriors to the holy land of Saudi Arabia for spiritual help aimed at winning the election.

Daily Sun checks revealed that the reason for the rush to engage molars in the spiritual exercise was the belief that prayers are answered faster in the Islamic month of Ramadan when Muslims all over the world engage in fasting.

Besides, our correspondents learnt that, since there would not be another Ramadan before the Osun poll as well as the 2015 general elections, aspirants for 2015 are also involved in the deployment of spiritualists in Saudi Arabia to prepare the ground against any eventuality.

Daily Sun investigation also revealed that, while some chieftains of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), are afraid of the repeat of the Ekiti election where an opposition candidate floored an incumbent governor, those in the opposition are also optimistic that the Fayose luck in Ekiti could be their lots too in the coming Osun poll.

Daily Sun can further report that one of the contenders had put together teams of clerics from within and beyond Nigeria that will divide the month of Ramadan into three whereby each team will be at Kabah in Saudi Arabia for ten days for the spiritual assignment.

In the race, only four contenders have visible records of political seriousness out of which two are in the forefront. The four frontliners are former secretary to the Government of Osun State, Alhaji Fatai Akinbade of the Labour Party and the former deputy speaker of the state House of Assembly, three-time commissioner and immediate past attorney general and commissioner for justice in the state, Mr. Niyi Owolade of the Accord Party.

The other two are former deputy governor, Senator Iyiola Omisore of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and the sitting governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

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Ekiti is a state in which country?

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Ekiti poll: Why APC should allow peace to reign   Back To Top

From: Daily Sun      Published on: Monday, June 30, 2014


Just like the June 12, 1993 presidential election that became a watershed in the history of elections in Nigeria because it was regarded as freest, fairest and most credible, the June 21 governorship poll in Ekiti State did not lack the qualities of being labeled a watershed in the history polls in the country.

The only difference between the two elections is that the former was for the presidency of the country, while the latter was for the governorship in Ekiti State. One thing is however, applicable to the two elections; they were both free, fair, credible and representative of the wishes of the people.

The judgment passed on the conduct of the Ekiti governorship election did not only come from local, but also international observers. They include the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), the United States Government, the British Government, the Canadian Government, the Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), the CLEEN Foundation working in conjunction with the DFID of the British Government which specifically looked into the security aspect of the exercise, numerous local and international news channels and the media among others.

One may ask why the deluge of observers? The observers were many because of the interest generated by the poll.

It was obvious that the election was going to be a battle for supremacy between the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The outcome was also expected to signpost what to expect in the 2015 elections. Not only that, it was a challenge to the so- called supremacy of the APC in the South West. In Ekiti, the APC came to power when the court nullified the electoral victory of a PDP administration on October 15, 2010. This is apart from the rivalry between the two as the dominant parties in the country.

From Ado to Afao to Iyin to Isan to Ikole to Omuo to Ijan to Ise to Ikere and all parts of the state, people trooped out en masse to exercise their voting right.

At the end of accreditation of voters, voting, counting, collation of results and the announcement of the final result, all stakeholders agreed that the exercise had gone well.

For instance, the Election Working Group, EWG, of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, said the election was generally free and fair.

It said there was hope for the nation if the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, could maintain the transparent manner it conducted the poll.

INEC must be commended for the successful conduct of the Ekiti State gubernatorial elections. The elections were generally free and fair. INEC rose up to the challenge and if they keep this up there is hope for the future.

Also, the United States Mission in Nigeria congratulated INEC, security agencies and electoral stakeholders for the successful conduct of the election.

The Ekiti State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), which partnered the local NBA on monitoring the poll, also commended the exercise.

For those raising issue over the heavy presence of security men, CLEEN Foundation, in an assessment of the election gave kudos to all stakeholders. The Programme Manager, Mr. Chinedu Nwagu, who briefed the press in Ado-Ekiti on the observation of the group during the poll, said though the election was conducted amid serious security concern, the performance of the security agencies should be commended.

So, when the final results were announced and Mr Ayodele Fayose of the PDP was declared the winner of the election, it was not surprising that Dr Kayode Fayemi of the APC conceded defeat. He was seen as acting like a true sportsman who knows and believes that a loser today could be a winner tomorrow.

In a broadcast to the people of the state, Fayemi said; If indeed this is the will of the Ekiti People, I stand in deference to your will. If the result of the elections is an expression of the voice of our people, we must all heed your voice.

I have just spoken with my brother, Mr. Peter Ayodele Fayose, congratulating him on his victory. In a few hours from now, I would be meeting the Governor-Elect to discuss the future of our dear state and how we would work together to institute a smooth transition programme.

If Fayemi did not want to act as a statesman by conceding defeat, did the expression of the peoples wish give him an alternative?

Fayose won convincingly in all the 16 local government areas of the state and Fayemis Oye Local Government was not spared.

The election across the state was adjudged to be free, fair and credible by Nigerians and non-Nigerians who played the roles of candidates, voters, observers, security providers, umpires during the exercise.

It was, however, a rude shock to the people of the state when spin doctors started posting materials online and in some dailies that the election was rigged.

One of the online publications, wrote:Despite Governor Kayode Fayemis acceptance of defeat in the June 21 Ekiti gubernatorial poll APC is pushing for Ayo Fayoses victory to be challenged in court. Fayemi lost the election to Fayose, the candidate of the PDP, by a wide margin and promptly made a concession speech ─ considered rare for a Nigerian politician. The election was generally seen to be free and fair ─ although not without complaints about the militarisation of the state. However, a state government official has said there was something fishy about the ballot paper and the ink that need to be challenged in court.

We are currently gathering evidence. We have received several complaints from people about the hi-tech rigging that was perpetrated. Even though the governor has accepted defeat, that does not stop us from challenging Fayoses victory in court if we are able to gather enough evidence to prove our case, he said.

The official said the ballot papers were designed in a way that made the thumbprints to disappear within minutes while pre-programmed votes would later appear.

In other words, all the votes that were announced by INEC were pre-programmed. That means the thumb-printing process was irrelevant. The votes were pre-allocated on the ballot papers through hi-tech manipulation, he said, using the term photochromic to describe the technology allegedly used to produce the ballot papers. Photochromism, in simple language, allows for transformation of chemical spices between two forms ─ meaning what you see can change to another form in seconds. It is a technology commonly used for eyeglasses. They could be plain in one moment and dark the next after absorbing electromagnetic radiation. The official did not explain how this technology can be used to alter voting on a ballot paper.

Efforts are currently being made by APC officials to test this allegation by experimenting with a few ballot papers, after which the party will decide on the next line of action.

Why are we bad losers? Why dont we believe that something good can come out of us or that we can do things without bending the rules?

For keen observers of the political situation in the state, history is only repeating itself. When Fayose defeated Fayemis political godfather, Otunba Niyi Adebayo in the gubernatorial election in 2003, that was how Adebayo congratulated Fayose after conceding defeat, but Adebayo was to later go to court to challenge Fayoses victory. He was unsuccessful.

It is thus strange that after APC has conceded victory to Fayose, some people are now imputing something different. There is no doubt that this is going to be an exercise in futility as Judicial officers have learnt their lessons from the Ayo Salami saga and nobody would want to jeopardize his/her career.

Moreover, some people have started seeing Fayemi as a statesman and someone who still has a political future not only in Ekiti, but in Nigeria at large. Will he now allow himself to be pushed and throw away the peoples goodwill?

That is not all, what the spin doctors have failed to realize is that their claim is a direct indictment on INEC and the effort put in by Attahiru Jega and his team to ensure a free, fair and credible poll. Must we always discredit our institutions? Cant we just accept that these institutions are managed by people like you and me who would not also mind being commended for a good job? How was this photochromic miracle achieved without this leaking out especially to one or two people sympathetic to APC and who would have leaked the conspiracy? Fayemi has accepted and it is obvious to all and sundry that he would have met with the leadership of his party before his concession speech.

Indeed, a major issue that came out of this election is on the person of the governor-elect. It is clear that most of what Nigerians and the media have been fed with were mere propaganda or how do you explain that a man who left power and after eight years, came back and still enjoyed the overwhelming support of his people. This is quite significant as any attempt to tamper with the will of the people either through frivolous litigations can lead to disruption of public peace as the people who gave their support to Fayose would not fold their arms and allow anybody to overturn their will.

And a word for the APC leadership. You do not need any litigation; you have equally acknowledged the popularity of Fayose in Ekiti, which was what led to your working with him in the election that brought in Fayemi. Let caution be your watch word. Do not further alienate the people.

Hon. Yinka Amuda, a political analyst writes from Ado Ekiti

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Why APC conceded victory to PDP in Ekiti, by Oyegun   Back To Top

From: Daily Sun      Published on: Monday, June 30, 2014

Why APC conceded victory to PDP in Ekiti, by Oyegun
By TONY OSAUZO, BENIN on June 30, 2014 Politics

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, said yesterday that it would be difficult for Nigeria to survive another four years under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with the current state of the nation.

Speaking to journalists in Benin City, Edo State yesterday, Chief Odigie-Oyegun, gave reasons his party conceded victory to the PDP in the Ekiti governorship election. He said it was because they did not want anything that would make the people react negatively and violently. However, he noted that the APC would challenge alleged human rights infringement during and after the election. He said Nigerians should embrace the APC as the new party with a different agenda to fix Nigeria.

We are presenting our party as new, as different, and we have done the studies as people who truly care. There is no way we can prove it to you because we are yet to rule this country, but we can tell you, look at our states. We are not pretending to be angels, politics is not a seminary nor is it the papacy, but what is important is what are you doing with the lives of the people, that is what is critical. Are you restoring hopes to their lives? Are you making their lives better? If not for themselves, do they believe that the lives of their children will be better?

Are your policies concentrated on improving their lives, are the sectors working in the interest of the ordinary Nigerian? Do we have power, do we have quality schools, do we have security, do we have jobs? Can we continue in this kind of state?

I have told people who are ready to listen that this country cannot and I tell you that I mean it, cannot survive another four years of the PDP. There is no way it can survive it, so, we need people who have plans to start taking care of these issues and these things and that is what the APC represents, he said.

According to Odigie-Oyegun, many people who had no business in Ekiti were allowed into the state while those with concrete reasons to be there were denied access and this is part of what he said the party would challenge.

Ekiti election, to some extent, is still a mystery, it still has aspects that we are trying to unfold, but the first point is, because we are a party of change, because we are a party that wants to show Nigerians that there is a different way of doing things that the party doesnt have to be bitter, in spite of all our reservations, the governor was advised to concede, in spite of our reservations for a lot of reasons, he said.

Odigie-Oyegun, who was Edo State governor, told journalists that his party did not think the heavy militarisation of Ekiti was worthwhile, raising tensions which may lead to the spilling of innocent blood.

I had to leave virtually in the dead of night because of intelligence report that we received, I have to drive all the way from Ekiti to Lagos and most of our people who got there also left.

There was this state of tension which needed only a little spark to set it on fire and we said look, this is not our style of politics governor do the honourable thing. We have a lot of questions about that election, we are going ahead with something even more detailed than a forensic examination of what happened, we know all was not well, he said.

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Allow Ekiti to enjoy peace, presidency tells APC   Back To Top

From: Nigerian Tribune      Published on: Sunday, June 29, 2014

Leon Usigbe and Jacob Segun Olatunji - Abuja

THE Presidency has observed that the decision of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to go to court over the Ekiti State gubernatorial election widely adjudged to be free and fair, is consistent with the flaw in the character of the party but has urged it to allow the people of the state to enjoy peace and progress.

Making this declaration in an interview with reporters in Abuja at the weekend, the Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Professor Ahmed Alkali, observed that the Ekiti election was transparent and free of rancour with the outcome decisively in favour of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He said even though many people were surprised that Fayemi immediately accepted the result and congratulated Fayose, the PDP was not surprised as it had led the way in conceding victory in past gubernatorial elections.

He said: First and foremost, let me say that today the world is a witness about what happened in Ekiti state. It is well known that the election was conducted free of rancour, transparently and the outcome was decisive in favour of our party (PDP).

He observed that APCs decision to challenge the Ekiti election verdict in court is a confirmation of the flaw in the partys character which he said frequently disagrees with its candidates.

The presidential aide said, We have thought that with the new face emerging now where people accept defeats when they know they have lost, I think it should be allowed to grow so that we can now begin to mature as a democracy.

Ekiti group congratulates Fayose
By Tade Makinde

A group of young professionals from Ekiti State, the Ekiti Young Professionals (EYP), has congratulated the Ekiti State governor-elect, Ayodele Fayose, for emerging victorious at the election that took place in the state penultimate Saturday.

The Secretary General of the all-encompassing and non-political group, Funmi Ajibola, during a press conference held at the Ring Road, Ibadan office of the group on Saturday, described Fayoses performance at the election as outstanding and convincing.

The Abuja-based legal practitioner said EYP had predicted Fayoses victory several weeks ago where, during a press conference in Ibadan, it had given 21 reasons why the former Ekiti governor would return as governor again.

At this point in the history of our state, it is only Fayose that has the zeal and passion to do what has not been done by anyone in the state. Fayemi bungled his goodwill when he pandered to the wishes of the man in Bourdillon at the expense of the Ekiti people that supported his ambition back then. There were lots of pretenders in the polity but the youths and other Ekiti stakeholders have spoken. Now that Fayose is in the saddle, he has to do what is expected of him by bringing back what fake progressives have stolen from us, he said.

We are very excited that his victory was incontestable, proving to non believers that Fayose is truly loved in Ekiti. It is a sure thing that the lives of our people will not be same again as the good times will surely return to our beloved state.

The group urged Fayose to beware of critics, even friends, as all eyes are now on you since you won at the election, watching you to either fail or deliver on your promises to the people. The will of Ekiti people firstly at home, matters, then Ekitis in diaspora. Refuse to be distracted by those who only criticise from the four walls of their comfortable homes, EYP advised the governor in waiting.

Omisore organisation, Dabo congratulate Fayose
By Seyi Gesinde

THE Iyiola Omisore Organisation-Diaspora Support Forum United Kingdom (UK), has congratulated Mr Ayo Fayose on his electoral victory at the last Saturday governorship election in Ekiti State.

According to Prince Taiwo Shajuyigbe, Director of Media and Publicity, IOO-Diaspora Support Forum UK, in a release, Fayoses landslide victory signifies peoples determination in him to liberate themselves from the scourge of governments ineffective economic policies.

This victory represents yet another chance for Fayose not only to continue where he stopped and complete all unfinished businesses, but also to bring lasting joy (Ayo) to the lives of the people of Ekiti State who have chosen to repose their trust and confidence in him.

Meanwhile, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) House of Representatives aspirant for Owo/Ose Federal constituency in the 2015 election, Jibola Dabo, has congratulated the governor-elect of Ekiti State, Mr Ayo Fayose, on his landslide victory at the poll.

The ace actor and politician stated this through his spokesperson, Bisola Iyasara, adding that his wisdom in choosing PDP as an umbrella to rescue his people has been justified by the victory of a fellow grassroots politician.

Our people need only those leaders with great vision for the grassroots and the awareness has just begun.

My brother and friend, Ayo Fayose, has redefined Nigerian elections with the overwhelming approval of his mandate by his people.

As our great party, PDP, makes far-reaching gains in the South-West zone, I urge every electorate to come to the consciousness of the fact that PDP is the ideal rescue political party for our people, Dabo said.

Lack of internal democracy killed APC in Ekiti Bamidele Warns Odigie-Oyegun, PDP
By Sam Nwaoko - Ado Ekiti

A member of House of Representatives and Labour Party chieftain in Ekiti State, Hon Michael Opeyemi Bamidele, has said lack of internal democracy was the major reason the All Progressives Congress (APC) failed in Ekiti State and charged the national chairman of the party, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, to instill the doctrine of internal democracy in the party.

Bamidele, who was elected to the House of Representatives on the platform of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in 2011, said in the statement signed by his media aide, Mr. Ahmed Salami, and made available to newsmen in Ado Ekiti, that the APC could have been saved the embarrassing defeat in the election if there had been mechanism for internal democracy and respect for rights of members.

Chief Imam admonishes Ekiti governor-elect against persecution
By Sam Nwaoko - Ado Ekiti

CHIEF Imam and Chairman, League of Imams and Alfas, Ekiti State, Alhaji Jamiu Kewulere, has warned the Ekiti State governor-elect, Mr Ay Fayose, against persecuting political opponents in his second coming as the State Chief Executive.

He gave the advice in a sermon during a Jumat service at the Central Mosque, Ado Ekiti, which was attended by Fayose and some stalwarts of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.

Alhaji Kewulere said: It is God that removes and installs a leader. Election is like a war and only one person would win. So, I advise the governor-elect, Mr Ayodele Fayose not to persecute anybody. It has never happened like this in Ekiti, for somebody to be removed from office and come back again. This is the first time.

It was God that did the miracle for you and you have to be grateful by being fair to everybody, regardless of political or religious leaning.

Beware of sycophants, PDP chieftain tells Fayose
A chieftain of the Ekiti State Chapter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Diaspora, Dr Holimidey Lawrence, has called on the governor-elect, Ayodele Fayose, to be cautious of sycophants in his administration in his own interest when he assumes office.

He gave the advice in a press statement made available to journalists in Abeokuta, noting that the task before Fayose is enormous which requires prayers and cooperation from indigenes and residents.

Lawrence, who is from Ise-Orun local government of the state, noted that the current state of infrastructure and poverty in Ekiti actually require the intervention of a personality like Ayo Fayose and an experienced political party as the PDP.

Let us bury our quest for power just for the sake of power to support the success of this incoming administration so that those singing Hossanah today will not start singing crucify him tomorrow. A stitch in time saves many stitches the party chieftain emphasised.

Niger CAN commends Fayemi
By Adelowo Oladipo - Minna

THE Niger State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has commended Dr. Kayode Fayemi for not only conceding defeat to Mr. Ayodele Fayose but for also going ahead to congratulate the latter, as well as promising to work with him immediately after the announcement of the results of the recently held gubernatorial election in the state by the Independent Electoral Commission.

It gave the commendation in a Press statement signed by the state chairman of the organisation, Reverend Musa Dada, adding that Dr. Fayemis attitude after the election was commendable.

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Ekiti is a state in which country?

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Ekiti is a state in which country?

God used Bamidele to make me governor Fayose   Back To Top

From: Punch      Published on: Sunday, June 29, 2014

by Kamarudeen Ogundele


The Ekiti State Governor-elect, Mr. Ayo Fayose, has said the Labour Party candidate, Opeyemi Bamidele, contributed to his victory in the June 21 governorship election.

Fayose stated this when he visited the LPs secretariat in Ado-Ekiti where he met Bamidele and key leaders of the party on Friday.

He said, I want to thank you for making yourself available for Ekiti people as an agent of change through the June 21 election. What you did is a replica of what I did in the past when I used the Labour Party to prevent a bad government installed by PDP then from continuing in office and we succeeded in putting APC in place.

I divided the PDP and you divided the APC, all for good intents and purposes. But I thank God that he has used you to play a similar role today. The journey is not too far and you have what it takes to lead our people.

By age, experiences and exposure, you are indeed a leader of your people. I have a lot of respect for you and thats why I have called you more than 15 times after this election insisting on seeing you. I see you as a brother and a fellow fighter from the same side of the divide.

Fayose, who attended the meeting alongside his deputy governor-elect, Olusola Ojo-Eleka, said Bamidele remained a reference point of integrity, service and voice of the voiceless in Ekiti any day.

He said the incoming government would need Bamideles wealth of experience in governance and politics to move Ekiti state forward.

By all standards, you are a leader and a gentleman, thats why I have always identified with you even before and after you contested this election. In an election, there must be one governor, so as far as Im concerned, you have lost nothing in this race. You can only count your blessings. Thats why I felt you have fought good fight and emerged a victor, Fayose added.

Bamidele in his remark said the meeting was a turning point for Ekiti people and their democratic experience since politicians from various political platforms were beginning to come together to discuss the future of their people.

He assured that politicians from his party were ready to contribute their quota to the development of the state.

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Ekiti is a state in which country?

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Ekiti is a state in which country?

Ekiti defeat: APC governors woo workers, students   Back To Top

From: Punch      Published on: Sunday, June 29, 2014


Ayo Fayose

The defeat of the incumbent Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, by the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, has caused fears and jitters in most states governed by the All Progressives Congress, SUNDAY PUNCH investigations have revealed.

The governorship election, held in Ekiti State on Saturday, June 21, saw Fayose polling a total of 203,090 votes to emerge the winner of the contest while Fayemi of the APC and another major contestant, Mr. Opeyemi Bamidele, of the Labour Party, polled a total of 120,433 and18,135 votes, respectively.

Our correspondents sampled the mood in the APC states of Osun, Rivers, Borno, Lagos and Oyo. They also checked the pulse in Ogun, Kwara and Edo states.


In Oyo State, the ruling party, the APC, our correspondent gathered, had stepped up its efforts to retain the state in 2015, following the victory of the PDP in Ekiti State penultimate Saturday.

Investigations by SUNDAY PUNCH showed that the party leaders had met to discuss the modalities that would sustain their hold on power come 2015. A source said efforts were being made to reconcile aggrieved party members.

Fayose won because he was close to the people when he was in government. Oyo APC leaders are fashioning strategies that will bring Governor Abiola Ajimobi closer to the grass roots.

Ekiti election is a wake-up call to the party. Senator Femi Lanlehin has gone to the Accord Party and Senator Ade Adeseun is on his way to the PDP; it says a lot about the internal crisis in the party. And with the Ekiti results, those who are moving towards the exit door are moving fast now. They want to leave before the next election, the source said.

After the Ekiti election, a serving commissioner in the state (name withheld) expressed concern over the ability of the APC to hold on to power on his Facebook page. He wrote, A responsible government must at all times connect with the people.

One of those who responded to the post said Ekiti election was a big lesson for Oyo State.

Another respondent said it could be too late for the APC and that the masses would react in 2015.

The Chairman of the APC in Oyo State, Akin Oke, told one of our correspondents that the party would investigate what happened in Ekiti before taking a decision on the immediate future.

There will be investigation into what happened in Ekiti. The party will not fold its hands and watch. It is unfortunate that Governor Kayode Fayemi did not reflect on the events leading to his loss before accepting defeat. Is he so bad that he could not even win in his ward? There are fundamental questions to be asked, he said.

Ajimobis Special Adviser on Media, Festus Adedayo, told our correspondent that the Ekiti election was an eye-opener.

What the Ekiti election has done for us is to open our eyes to the newest intrigues in electioneering and party politics. We have collated all the events leading to the election, studied them and we are wiser, Adedayo said.


Sources close to the APC in Osun State told one of our correspondents that shortly after the Ekiti election results were announced, the astounded leaders of the party in the state held a meeting and decided to pacify workers and other groups in the state.

One of the measures, it was learnt, was the payment of the May salaries of workers, aimed at boosting their confidence in the administration.

The governor confirmed this at a rally held in Ikirun on Tuesday, where he said workers had started receiving salary payment alerts.

Also, members of the Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme, popularly known as OYES, who had not be paid for some months, it was learnt, had started receiving their salary arrears.

All these payments, a chieftain of the party said, were aimed at pacifying some categories of people who might have been aggrieved.

The loss of the APC in Ekiti State has also forced the ruling party to commence aggressive campaigns in rural communities.

It was also observed that public taps, which had been dry for months in some areas like Odi Olowo Street in Osogbo, the state capital, had started running.

Reacting to the outcome of the Ekiti election, Aregbesola had said, What they did in Ekiti is not possible here in Osun. Osun is different and they know it. In 2011, all Yoruba states voted for PDP presidential candidate, but Osun people voted for Mallam Nuhu Ribadu (the Action Congress of Nigeria candidate). We are different in Osun. Dont let them scare you.


In Edo State, where the APC currently holds sway, sources close to some of the party officials told SUNDAY PUNCH that the loss of Ekiti State by the APC to the PDP shook the party.

What happened in Ekiti was amazing. We did not expect the PDP to have such a landslide in all the local governments because our candidate had a good scorecard, when it comes to good governance.

For instance, the provision of good roads, quality education and other amenities shows the readiness of a man to give the people of Ekiti the true dividends of democracy, the source said.

Another party faithful, who simply gave his name as Mike, said, I think my party might have soft-pedalled at some point. But it is a big eye-opener for Edo State in 2016. We will tighten all loose ends. We will not take chances at all because there is no room for the PDP here, he said.

In a telephone interview with SUNDAY PUNCH, the state Publicity Secretary of the APC, Godwin Erhahon, however, described the Ekiti showdown as a display of Fayemis patriotic approach to governance which President Jonathan should emulate.

He said, I think Jonathan should learn from the patriotism and democratic spirit of the Ekiti Governor (Kayode Fayemi), who accepted defeat even when there were reasons for him to protest.

The Secretary to the State Government, Professor Julius Ihonvbere, in an interview with one of our correspondents, attributed the APC loss in Ekiti State to tactical error, stressing that the APC had gone to the drawing board to analyse the situation towards learning some lessons and preventing them from occurring again.


In Ogun State, the defeat has started to affect the governance style of the state Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun.

One of our correspondents gathered that the governor has launched a welfarist agenda, aimed at paying more attention to the peoples welfare.

Amosun revealed this on Tuesday at the Arcade Ground of the Governors Office, Oke Mosan, Abeokuta while handing over severance cheques to former political appointees, who served between 2007 and 2011.

It was observed that the civil servants were paid their monthly salaries on Tuesday, June 24, 2014, as against the practice of making such payments between 10th and 15th of the other month.

The governor had also taken a step further by holding a stakeholders meeting with the civil servants at the June 12 Cultural Centre, Kuto, Abeokuta on Wednesday. Many of the civil servants were aggrieved because they felt they were not getting a fair treatment from the current administration.

In addition, the governor has scheduled meetings with different groups, including the Nigeria Labour Congress.

When contacted for official reaction on the defeat of Fayemi, the factional state Publicity Secretary of the APC loyal to Amosun, Mr. Sola Lawal, said the party had nothing to say.

He said, We have no comment.


In Kwara State, investigations by SUNDAY PUNCH revealed that the APC, in an apparent move to guard against a recurrence of the partys defeat in Ekiti, had taken strategic decisions on youth empowerment programmes, grassroots mobilisation and empowerment of artisans, traders, commercial drivers and commercial cyclists.

It was also gathered that the party had evolved strategies to woo more students in the state, especially eligible voters into its fold.

A source also informed our correspondent that elected public officials of the party had been asked to redouble their empowerment and mass mobilisation drives.

The sources described the defeat of Fayemi was a big shock.

It was gathered that the party had decided to field only popular candidates and that the party leaders had started having meetings with defected party members with a view to wooing them back to the APC.

The APC in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Sulyman Buhari, said the Kwara State election results would not be rigged, manipulated and announced in PDPs favour from Abuja.

He also said the party would field only popular candidates in all its elections, adding that every member of the APC was sad that the party lost a state.

He said, We are making efforts to appease some of the APC members that defected to the PDP. Many of those that left are already coming back. I held meetings with two groups few hours ago.


The outcome of the Ekiti State governorship election also caused panic among leaders of the APC in Lagos State as the party has held meetings where the implications of the election have been discussed.

According to a leader of the party in Lagos, who pleaded anonymity, there have been meetings at different levels in the party where the partys strategy towards retaining the state in 2015, in spite of threats by the PDP, were discussed.

Apparently, one of such was the closed door meeting Governor Babatunde Fashola had with the vice-chairmen of the 20 local governments and 37 local council development areas at the State House, Marina, on Thursday.

Fasholas comment on the Ekiti election after the meeting was an indication that APCs chance in Lagos governorship election in February, 2015, must have been a reasonable item of discussion at the meeting.

While fielding questions from journalists, Fashola was quoted as saying, The lessons that are supposedly coming out of Ekiti are frightening lessons for me. Lesson about whether the people of Ekiti are really saying that this is all about money and rice. It must be a very dangerous message to simply suggest that once you give people money, then this is the way it will happen.

A member of the APC, Mr. Gbenga Fakoya, confirmed that the outcome of the Ekiti election underscored the need to make adjustments to the partys strategy for campaigns.

Before now, we could go to bed and take it for granted that the South-West belonged to the APC; but the Ekiti election has shown us that we can no longer take anything for granted. More work needs to be done. There is no more room for assumption, we need to face reality.

He said after the Ekiti loss, APC leaders had gone back to the drawing board and part of what had been decided was to establish proper internal democracy.


No doubt, the APC defeat in Ekiti has not only stunned the Rivers APC, it has made the party to adopt quick measures against similar defeat.

A source, who is a strong member of the state APC, told SUNDAY PUNCH that what happened in Ekiti was worrisome and that the outcome of the election meant more works would be done by the APC in the Rivers.

The source, who preferred not to be mentioned, explained that despite Fayemis good performance, he lost the election because he was not on the ground.

What happened in Ekiti was worrisome to us. But we learnt that Fayemi was not on ground in terms of being close to the voters. Even with the good works he did in the area of people-oriented projects, they said he was not on ground, the source said.

He said the governor, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, would strategise to put measures in place to ensure APCs victory in forthcoming elections in the state.

Amaechis Chief of Staff, Government House, Port Harcourt, Chief Tony Okocha, attributed the failure of the APC to win in Ekiti State to overconfidence, saying that there was also the lack of relationship between Fayemi and the voting population.

He said, The circumstances in Ekiti and Rivers are not the same. There are very peculiar circumstances. What played out in Ekiti was an issue of overconfidence.

Overconfidence was at the fore, based on performance, and there was no relationship with the voting population. Of course, you know that Nigeria is not yet attuned to the politics of development. People are eager for what will go into their stomach; the issue of stomach infrastructure was not addressed.

Borno/ Yobe/ Adamawa

Although SUNDAY PUNCH investigations revealed that the APC members in Borno and Yobe states did not feel threatened by the turn of events in Ekiti, the same cannot be said of Adamawa State.

The Publicity Secretary of the APC in Borno , Makinta Zarami, said, The PDP has never won the governorship election in Borno State before, and still had no chances to do so.

Similarly, an APC member in Yobe State told one of our correspondents the success of PDP in Ekiti could never be replicated here.

He asked, Where is the structure they want to build on? They may even suffer devastating loss worse than in the past here as the insurgency has further nailed the party coffin in the state.

In Adamawa, the finding was that victory could go either way, for PDP or APC.

An analyst said, Adamawa, even when Abubakar Atiku vied for presidency under the ACN, voted for PDP and the same scenario may play out this time around.

The party will still win the state; Atiku and Nyako cannot dictate the destiny of the state for there are other bigwigs within the PDP that can still dictate the politics of the state.

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The Ekiti example   Back To Top

From: Daily Sun      Published on: Sunday, June 29, 2014

By Our Reporter

On Saturday, June 21, the people of Ekiti State trooped out and massively voted into office former governor of the state and grassroots politician, Peter Ayodele Fayose of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). In a keenly contested gubernatorial poll, Fayose defeated the incumbent governor, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Michael Opeyemi Bamidele of the Labour Party (LP), and other contestants. According to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Fayose polled 203,090 votes to defeat Fayemi who got 120,433 votes while Bamidele made a distant third with 18,135 votes. Altogether, a total of 18 gubernatorial candidates participated in the election rated to be very peaceful, free and fair by Ekiti people, as well as local and international observers.

In an unprecedented show of the spirit of sportsmanship, Governor Fayemi immediately conceded defeat and congratulated the winner. The governor, who said that he has deferred to the wishes of Ekiti people stressed that he will not contest the outcome of the election. Meanwhile, both Fayemi and Fayose have met to fashion out a smooth transition programme.

Also, Fayose magnanimously declared that there was no winner or vanquished in the election and called on his fellow contestants to work with him in an all-inclusive administration and move Ekiti to the next level.

We commend Ekiti people, the electoral body, security agencies, politicians and all those that contributed to the peaceful and credible election in the state. The large turnout of the electorate despite heavy presence of security agents shows the eagerness of the voters to exercise their voting power. And this they did with their votes on Saturday. The outcome of the poll and the spontaneous expressions of joy by the populace reflect that the wishes of Ekiti people have been respected and that their votes actually counted.

The defeat of the incumbent governor, though not the first in the nations electoral history, where politicians usually capitalize on incumbency factor to win elections, is actually something to write home about. Similarly, the swift concession of defeat by Fayemi to his political opponent is exemplary and his decision never to challenge the result of the election in court appears strange in this part of the world, where most elections end in law courts. We hope that he does not renege on this vow as some politicians have done in recent past.

Ekiti election has also shown that there is hope for Nigeria, and demonstrated that democracy has a future in the country. Fayoses election is evident enough that the peoples wishes and aspirations have been gratified. The people of the state applauded the exercise, which is a reflection of their will. We laud the humility of the incumbent governor, Fayemi and the LP candidate, Bamidele for accepting defeat and congratulating the winner. The magnanimity shown by the governor-elect, Fayose, and his promise to run an all-inclusive administration, is equally commendable. This is a marked departure from the winner takes all syndrome that is common in our politics. Therefore, the Ekiti State example is worthy of emulation by other states in the country.

In fact, what happened in Ekiti is a mirror of what will come in 2015 in terms of electoral umpires preparedness and deployment of adequate security personnel. The other elections may not require the number of security personnel as deployed in Ekiti. The deployment of heavy security in Ekiti is understandable considering its history of electoral violence in the past. But, we frown at the alleged presence of certain chieftains of a particular political party who are not residents of the state during the poll. Let INEC and security agents ensure that such does not occur in Osun poll in August, and indeed other gubernatorial polls in future. We also condemn the reported manhandling of some journalists during the exercise and urge security agents to exercise restraint in future polls. We note that the electoral umpire has improved in Ekiti election from its poor performance in Anambra and urge it to sustain the momentum and do better in Osun.

We congratulate the governor-elect and urge him to improve on Fayemis achievements. Let the people of Ekiti State benefit from the dividends of democracy that will be offered by his administration. His promise to run an all-inclusive administration should be kept. He should also keep faith with his electoral promises to the people. Having seeing both sides of power, Fayose should do well. He should not disappoint the people of Ekiti State.

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Ekiti is a state in which country?

Ekiti election: The beginning and the end   Back To Top

From: Daily Sun      Published on: Sunday, June 29, 2014


The result of Ekiti State governorship election is still a talking point in the polity for obvious reasons. And it is likely to remain so until the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) records another successful outing without any blemish in a similar poll coming up in Osun State on August 9. For most political analysts, the victory of Ekiti State Governor-elect, Ayodele Fayose, at the just concluded election was a rude shock. But the beauty of it all is that the election has been generally adjudged to be peaceful, free and fair.

The result of the poll as announced by the Returning Officer and Vice Chancellor of the Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Professor Isaac, showed that Fayose of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) scored a total of 203,090 votes to defeat incumbent Governor Kayode Fayemi of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who recorded120,433 votes. The candidate of the Labour Party, Opeyemi Bamidele, came a distant third with 18, 135 votes.

On the overall, Fayoses victory cuts across all the 16 Local Government Areas of the state, scoring about 57.9 per cent of the total vote cast. In Ado-Ekiti, the state capital, he got 41, 169 votes to beat Fayemi who had 13, 927 votes. In Oye Local Government where Fayemi hails from, PDPs candidate got 11, 200, while his APC counterpart polled 10, 176 votes. The same level of success was recorded by the PDP in other local governments, which is a clear indication that he is the most popular of all the candidates. How Fayose achieved the landslide victory against the incumbent governor still remains largely a puzzle to many Nigerians.

Factors that worked in favour of Fayose

One major factor that worked in favour of Fayose in this election is what has been described among the elite circle as Amala politics. As a grassroots politician, he likes to wine and dine with the ordinary people. He appreciates the enormous power of the people; he knows their mindset and how to appeal to their sentiment. As such, since he was removed from office as governor of the state in 2006 under the regime of former President Olusegun Obasanjo in controversial circumstance, he has not for once lost touch with his people. Fayemi, in contrast, chose to remain on his high horse, believing that his performance in the last three and eight months in office will do the magic for him at the time of the election. But he got it all wrong. He failed to understand the peculiarity of the Ekiti people and how much they detest arrogance of power.

Findings by our correspondent who monitored the election showed that there was a huge disconnection between Fayemi and the people. A middle-aged woman who boarded the same vehicle to Ado-Ekiti with this reporter on the eve of the election described Fayose as a humane leader who identifies with his people. Her words: Fayose is a man of the people, any time, any day. You need to be in Ado-Ekiti during his campaign rally to really appreciate his humility. While we were anxiously waiting to see him in one of the vehicles in his long convoy, I was surprised to see him from far behind walking among the crowd of his supporters. That is the kind of leader we need. You have to be with the people to know their problem. Fayemi is full of arrogance. He lives in his own world. He thinks he is the only one who is most educated.

Fayose himself said this much while addressing a press conference shortly after the announcement of the results of the election. Fielding questions from Journalists, he attributed his victory to the grassroots support. He said: I want to recall that my removal in 2006 remains a mystery to the common man on the street. They never left me for one day. They believe me. I go to visit them in their bedrooms. When the poor ones among them are doing marriage for their sons or daughters, I will carry cow and give them. I will go to their wedding. I will do things that a leader wont ordinarily do. So, for me, I am a grassroots man. Because of the way I operate with them, they call me Senior Advocate of the Masses. I want to continue that trend; I want to identify with them continuously because I owe them so much. If you do good to these common people, they will always remain loyal to you. I want to be with them always so that I can be leader in Ekiti. I want to be Awolowo here in Ekiti.

On the other hand, the crisis of confidence between Fayemi and the state civil servants, especially the controversy arising from mandatory Teachers Development Need Assessment (TDNA) also contributed to the defeat of APC in this election. Although as a last minute reconciliatory measure, he approved 27.5 teachers allowance and abolished the TDNA test, the decision came rather too late. So, it was easy for Fayose to cash in on the face-off to win the minds of the electorate.

There was also an alleged complaint that the administration was giving out contracts to foreigners at the expense of the state indigenes. Many of the people who spoke with our correspondent expressed confidence that money will flow into circulation when the tenure of Fayose commences. They based their optimism on his antecedent of sharing out contracts to local contractors when he was in the saddle. Not surprisingly, hardly had INEC concluded the result of the election before the streets of Ado-Ekiti erupted in wild jubilation with the shout of PDP, power. Market women, Okada riders, artisans and the likes trooped out in their number chanting victory songs. A owner of a business centre who could not hide his joy when the result of the polling booth near his shop located at Oke-esa was the announced in favour of PDP simply resorted: Yes, this is now tiwan tiwa (peoples) government. What the outcome of this election implies is that electoral victory in this part of the country is no longer going to be determined by the platform but the antecedent of each candidate. Certainly, with the overwhelming victory Fayose recorded in all the local governments, he would have possibly won with the same level of success, if he had come on a different platform other than the PDP.

Peoples expectations

On October 16, the new Governor-elect will take another oath of office to preside over the administration of the state for four years. As they say, to whom much is given, much is expected. Fayose certainly has a big challenge ahead of him in this second coming.

Like the usual euphoria that always heralds every new administration, expectations are high that Ekiti State indigenes would be carried along in the scheme of things as the governor pursues his developmental agenda. Part of the grouse the people had against the incumbent governor Fayemi is his policy of exclusion. To avoid the same pitfall, Fayose must put the people at the centre of development. He must ensure that basic trust and confidence that exists between him and the people is maintained without necessarily jeopardizing the overall interest of the state and its future. Already, he has promised in his acceptance address to give the people their fair share of the deal. Ekiti people must be given contract by at least 40 percent. When I was the governor, all chairs in primary and secondary schools were done here in Ekiti. The two succeeding administrations after me did not do that. How would you give a contract of N2 million to somebody from Lagos? The man will simply become lord and master here. We will accredit all the carpenters and share out the contract. For my four years, I want to empower the people; I want to make them strong to be able to feed themselves, he said.

Fayemis example

Ekiti State governorship election has obviously set a new standard of conduct for politicians who see election as a do-or-die affair. Both the incumbent and the Governor-elect have done the needful. While Fayemi has demonstrated a rare spirit of sportsmanship by accepting the result of the election and promised a smooth handover, Fayose has no less shown the same level of magnanimity by declaring a no victor ,no vanquished disposition.

Apparently, all this wouldnt have been possible if either of the parties had issues with the results of the election. So far, this is the freest and fairest election conducted by the INEC in the recent time. The onus, therefore, lies on the umpire to ensure that future elections do not fall below the standard achieved in this current exercise. Expectedly, all eyes are now on Osun State governorship election coming up in Augus.

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Ekiti is a state in which country?

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Ekiti is a state in which country?

PDP alleges APCs plan to frustrate Fayose with EFCC   Back To Top

From: National Mirror      Published on: Sunday, June 29, 2014


Ayodele Fayose, Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, the new Ekiti Governor Elect

PDP, Fayose afraid of their shadows -APC

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Ekiti State, has alleged plans by the All Progressives Congress, APC, to frustrate Ekiti State Governorelect through the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

PDP State Publicity Secretary, Pastor Kola Oluwawole, alleged that APC had earmarked N500 million for the compromise of EFCC officials to file fresh charges against Fayose in September with a view to frustrating the governor-elects swearing-in in October.

Oluwawole alleged in a statement in Ado Ekiti at the weekend that another five million Dollars had been set aside to buy the EFCC officers after the judge that would handle the matter would have been settled with N200 million from the initial sum raised.

He stated that the plot hatched in the Ikoyi residence of a leader of the party in the presence of other APC national leaders, followed the landslide victory and disgraceful defeat of their candidate at the just- concluded governorship election in Ekiti State.

The PDP said the APC leaders settled for the EFCC option after vain attempts to find fault in the Ekiti governorship election, hence their resort to another means of tackling the situation to wade off the shame which they have incurred by the ignominious defeat suffered in hand of PDP.

The party alleged that after the APC leaders dropped the issue of photochromic rigging earlier postulated by one of the national officers for lack of credibility and legal viability, they suggested that Fayose could be embarrassed by compromising the EFCC to file fresh charges against him. It alleged that the EFCC issue was in addition to plots of the APC to heighten propaganda against the governor- elect in select national dailies.

The PDP also alleged that the APC national leaders had impressed on the Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, to take steps that would frustrate the incoming administration as a way to turn the people against Fayose.

While condemning the plots, the PDP described them as dastardly and nefarious in its entirety, adding: It is only a set of notorious political criminals and men of retrogressive tendencies that could be thinking like this.

It, however, advised the EFCC as an institution to run away from the cabal whose major assignment is to cause mayhem and destruction in Nigeria

In its reaction, the APC said Ekiti PDP is only afraid of its own shadows and that they have just realised that their candidate has a lot of baggage to carry.

Speaking through its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, APC said the party does not need to raise fresh charges against Fayose as being alleged as he has not cleared himself of the old charges.

What has happened to the old charges? We dont need to raise any new charges. EFCC has clearly said that Fayose still has a case to answer. We dont have time for all they are alleging. The PDP and its candidate in Ekiti State are only afraid of their shadows and they are simply hallucinating, Mohammed said.

APC further wondered why Ekiti PDP is saying that it (APC) is trying to use EFCC to frustrate Fayose, wondering whether EFCC is a state or federal agency .

They said we met in our leaders house in Ikoyi to frustrate Fayose through the EFCC. As I speak, we are on our way from Sapele and we need to ask them if EFCC is not a federal agency and whether APC is the one controlling the EFCC. They are simply afraid of their past and nothing more, Mohammed further said.

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Ekiti is a state in which country?

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